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The Power of “AND”

One simple word can make all the difference. AND. By definition, “and” is a conjunction which ties together two words, clauses or concepts that are intended to be taken together. For example, “love AND marriage,” “bread AND butter,” “fear and loathing.” Today’s society seems to have forgotten that two constructs can be held together at …

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Tragedy? Really?

A few years ago the tabloids went crazy because it was presumed that Brad and Angelina’s twins had Down Syndrome.  Horrors! I will always remember standing in the check-out line at the grocery store.  Rachel was a little bitty thing, sitting in the cart.  As most of us typically do, I was scanning the tabloid …

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Except When She’s Not

With only the best of intentions, people will say, “Rachel is always so happy.” True.  Except when she’s not. People with DS have a full range of emotions and emotional responses.  Anger.  Frustration. Sadness. Sympathy. Excitement. Fear.  Intimidation. Love.  Affection.  Sorrow. Disgust. Gratitude. Pleasure. Pride. Boredom. You get the point. Happiness and joy radiate from …

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A Thousand Times Over

Before Rachel was born, but after DS-Day (when we knew for sure that extra chromosome indeed existed), I simultaneously wanted to know everything I could about DS, and I wanted to forget I had ever heard the words. While standing in the “Special Needs Kids” aisle at Barnes and Noble (who knew?) and staring blankly at …

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