Tragedy? Really?

RANA few years ago the tabloids went crazy because it was presumed that Brad and Angelina’s twins had Down Syndrome.  Horrors!

I will always remember standing in the check-out line at the grocery store.  Rachel was a little bitty thing, sitting in the cart.  As most of us typically do, I was scanning the tabloid and magazine headlines while I waited.  The headline literally read in huge capital letters…

T R A G E D Y!

Underneath was a picture of Bradgelina holding their twins – faces very fuzzy – with the subtitle: twins may have Down Syndrome.

My heart literally ached.  I wrapped my arms around my daughter, pulled her close, held her and kissed her head.  Then whispered into her little ear…you are not a tragedy.

You are a gift.

Folks — there are real tragedies in this world.  Having Down Syndrome is not one of them. Being a parent of a child with Down Syndrome is the total opposite of tragedy.  It is a blessing.  Congratulate us.  Celebrate for us.  We are the lucky ones.

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