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Author, Speaker, Consultant

Serving others in authentic and engaging ways is a passion. Using my personal experiences as well as my 20+ year journey as a community college leader as my foundation, my goals are to: (1) create a healthy culture where everyone in the organization can succeed; and (2) help other leaders do the same.

If you are looking for free resources, wanting to connect with like-minded professionals, searching for a keynote speaker, or curious about a more personalized approach to individual or team development, please explore this site and subscribe to my blog, Acorn Chronicles.

Public Speaking

Keynotes + Conferences

Captivating your audience by telling personal stories and sharing professional experiences is my goal. I strive to share my knowledge and beliefs in fun and meaningful ways. With a variety of topics, and a genuine, relatable delivery, I have a little something for everyone. I have been speaking professionally for the past five years, and my resume is still growing. 


Then there's the book

Complete the Agenda in Higher Education: Challenge Beliefs About Student Success describes compelling reasons why colleges and universities must shift from a “completion-only-mindset” to the Beliefs Agenda (completion plus GRIT).

The Culture Changers Network

It's like Digital Networking

A culture shift as important as the switch from the Completion Agenda to the Beliefs Agenda takes an army to implement. The Culture Changers Network is a group of people, places and partners with the same drive and purpose that have come together to inspire change.

Leadership Consulting

A solution for all levels

For individuals ready to take their career to the next level, a mentorship could be the perfect solution. For college leadership teams, we can work together on team building, creating collaborative cultures, facilitating strategic planning and more. For colleges looking to shift their culture, I can serve as a consultant and use my experience as as college president to guide you.

Resource Library

Tons of Free Content

My passion, or maybe obsession, for student success, has resulted in the collection and creation of research and resources that can help all of us who want to make a difference.

Acorn Chronicles - Blog

Little Nutts of experience

If you're looking for free content about life, leadership, learning and more, please check out the Acorn Chronicles! There's a little bit of everything, all written from a place of transparency and honesty. It's real, it's raw and sometimes even a bit nutty. 

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