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Lee Ann's Newest Publication

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Lee Ann's Newest Publication

Online Resource Library

Personalized Leadership Consulting

Keynotes & Conferences


Hey There,

I'm Lee Ann Nutt.

I believe everyone is capable of achieving big, audacious dreams with the right mindset, a willingness to work hard, and the capacity to thrive through adversity. My life's calling and purpose is to empower others to believe boldly and act accordingly.

Although I have many roles in life - college president, author, speaker, teacher, friend, daughter, wife and mom - I integrate my story into one consistent message: beliefs are powerful and underestimated. I want to share my story and help you recognize how beliefs can change your story.


My Most Recent Publication

Complete the Agenda in Higher Education: Challenge Beliefs About Student Success

A bold call to action to do more than just improve college completion rates, this book is for college and university board members, administrators, faculty and staff who also want to:

  • Foster beliefs that will enable students to finish what they start
  • Empower students to overcome daily challenges and real adversity
  • Transform potential into achievement, for a lifetime.

If this resonates with you, now is the time to make a move. You can make a difference. Get your copy and let's shift the culture in higher education, together. 


"What a refreshing perspective! ... This book is a must read for those who care about our students’ and colleagues’ success." 

–Dr. Roberta Teahan  | Director & Associate Provost | Doctorate in Community College Leadership Program | Ferris State University

Read. Experience. Grow.

Discover new ways to inspire a cultural change in America's higher education systems.

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America's grittiest students achieve their goals despite real, complex and crippling adversity such as poverty and homelessness. Other students, however, lack necessary coping mechanisms to persist when faced with academic failure (perhaps for the first time) or when dealing with normal challenges of daily life. Others may have always struggled to learn or been told they were not "college material." Significant improvement in college success rates requires more than creating new policies and programs. We must create experiences that drive beliefs around growth, resilience, instinct and tenacity.


Find Guidance in the Resource Library

My passion, or maybe obsession, for student success has resulted in the collection and creation of research and resources that can help all of us who want to make a difference. Here's a quick glimpse of what you can expect to find:

  • Beliefs Agenda Resources

  • Completion Agenda Resources

  • The Culture Changers Network

  • College Completion Supporters

  • GRIT Resources

  • Professional Development Resources

Where will I be next?

Nutt in the Community

Being involved in my local community and contributing to my broader professional community are some of my favorite ways to help others succeed.

I love to share my story and experiences in an authentic, fun and engaging way while providing practical application as well. Whether a keynote for a large group or a workshop for a small group, I would love the opportunity to connect with you. 

Would you like me to speak at your next event?


“Dr. Lee Ann Nutt is not just an academic, but a practitioner who puts her ideas into action ... Our community is a better place because of her grit, determination, and optimism.

–Rob Hauck | City Manager | City of Tomball


Are you ready to Level up your leadership skills?

Leadership Consulting is a great solution for all levels:

  • For individuals: If you're new to your career and are ready to take it to the next level, a mentorship could be the perfect solution.

  • For college leadership teams: We can work together on team building, creating collaborative cultures, facilitating strategic planning and more.

  • For colleges looking to shift their culture: I can serve as a consultant and use my experience as as college president to guide you.

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