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The day always comes

On Friday August 5, 2022 we did what millions of parents have done. We got in the car without our 18-year old son and drove away, leaving him to begin …

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The Power of “AND”

One simple word can make all the difference. AND. By definition, “and” is a conjunction which ties together two words, clauses or concepts that are intended to be taken together. …

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I probably shouldn’t say this…

“I probably shouldn’t say this.” Then don’t. Then ask yourself the following questions: Will what I say next add value to the conversation? Will what I say next solve a …

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Words Matter…Time to Tell My Untold Story

I haven’t shared this story with many people. But, now seems like the right time to do so. Seven years ago, I attended a prominent, week-long executive leadership institute for …

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Too Smart for Our Own Good?

Dear Smart People, Smart People Think They’re Right, but the Most Effective Entrepreneurs Assume They’re Wrong, by Jeff Haden is definitely worth the read – and not just for entrepreneurs. …

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H.O.P.E. for Humanity

Expecting or desiring something to happen is the basic tenet of hope. As a kid, you may have hoped for a special Christmas present; hoped the boy you had a …

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Is “Good Leadership” Redundant?

Shouldn’t the word “leadership” stand on its own? Why do we qualify “leadership” with the word “good” or “bad?” I’ve been wrestling with this leadership question. If “bad” has to …

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Be a Good Follower

Being a good follower is as equally important as being a good leader. Most people play both roles, leader and follower. Being good at both will make a difference, especially …

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The Paradox of Beliefs

Beliefs–what a person holds to be true or real, whether true or real–are the basis of a powerful paradox of the human existence. A classic tale that demonstrates this is …

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Broken – But Not Forgotten

Yes. That is a picture of my trash. It is filled with garbage, discarded food, dust bunnies and debris from sweeping the floor, and even Buddy’s poop, the rescue dog …

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