Strategic Experience Management©

“Extraordinary community colleges embody the ideals of good and excellent institutions …but that is not all. They strive for better outcomes for students. Extraordinary community colleges transform talent into achievement, convert potential into capacity, and increase human capitalization by shifting the culture around college completion and infusing soft skills/interpersonal-intrapersonal skills/social-emotional learning (grit) into and across the curriculum and student service functions.”

-Lee Ann Nutt, Complete the Agenda in Higher Education: Challenge Beliefs About Student Success

Three Steps to Extraordinary

Community colleges can take practical steps toward becoming extraordinary and achieving extraordinary results, not for their own sake, but for students:

  • Create a culture of accountability throughout the college to achieve higher completion rates and grittier student outcomes.
  • Utilize the entire Results Pyramid to shift the culture of the Completion Agenda (C1) to the Beliefs Agenda (C2) and develop GRITty student beliefs and actions so they finish what they start and finish well.
  • Implement a Strategic Experience Management© process to create the right experiences for students that align with R2 results.

Strategic Experience Management©

  1. Identify and communicate a clear set of Key Results that includes the Beliefs Agenda;
  2. Identify the beliefs students need to hold to be successful in their college experience;
  3. Adjust college experiences to align with identified beliefs (that will enable the Beliefs Agenda); and
  4. Create a culture of accountability that aligns all college employees and stakeholders as to create student experiences that successfully accomplish the Beliefs Agenda.

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